Can I get any of you cunts a drink?

Fan of Simon Pegg, Fran Healy, and many other people and bands as well. Don't want to mention too many at the moment. Michael Palin is my hero.
I’m not sure I like being singled out for niceness. Terry Jones is also very nice.
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What I do remember about this particular party [Steve Martin’s party for the Pythons] is that Michael was sitting by the pool, just dangling his feet in the water, and there were all these young Hollywood nymphettes who want to break into Hollywood giggling in their little mini teensy weensy bikinis and this one girl was dying to get Michael’s attention so she just jumped in the water right in front of him and then came up right in front of him and mysteriously her bikini had just dropped off and she was naked. And it was always Michael they picked. Michael would just go, Mmmm, and not know what to do about it.
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Terra’s Endless List of Favourite Films →  Jumanji (1995)

What do you mean “the game thinks”?

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me when i have more than $20


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Hahaha I went into a random dream town and this person has a chair, a box of tissues, and a picture of Carlton in their basement.


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why are there some lipsticks like $30 please calm down you glorified red crayon

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Michael Palin Full Circle. Deleted scene with Eric Idle

Michael: “So what’s it like? I mean, what’s it like living in L.A.? I mean, is it just…?

Eric: “It’s constant razzle dazzle, Michael. Yeah. Sharon Stone banging on me door in the middle of the night, saying “Let me in for a glass of Martini.” You know. It’s hell, Mike.”

Michael: “She wanted me for a part.”

Eric: “Did she? Yeah?”

Michael: “Yeah, yeah. She offered me a big part.”

Eric: “‘Who moved the stone?’ What was it?” *laughs*

Michael: “‘Life of Sharon’, it was.”

Eric: *laughs* “Really?”

Michael: “A remake. No, seriously. Should I move here, you think?”

Eric: “Um…. What, and give up your dayjob? I don’t know, I like it here. It’s very… you know, people have this image of ‘This is Hollywood! And you’re spending all your time…’ I live very quietly. I have a little 6 year old daughter I take to school and it’s a perfectly quiet little life.”

Michael: “But no one is gonna believe that. Here you are on the terrace, drinking Martini…”

Eric: *laughs* “That’s because YOU set this up!”

Michael: “Oh, blame me!”

Eric: “’Eric, put on your best suit and come down to a hotel and we film’, you said!”

Michael: “Here he is, family man…”

Eric: “It’s the first time I’ve been over the Hills since we’ve finished Python!”

*both laughs*

Eric: “Thank you very much.”

Michael: *laughs* “Do you still remember… We used to do all those jokes?”

Eric: “I still remember some of YOUR jokes.”

Michael: “Well, I’m still constantly mistaken for you.”

Eric: “I’m constantly mistaken for you too. And can….we… *pulls him towards himself* …I mean, do we look at all alike? I mean, can people get this right? This is Eric, and I’m Mike, OK?”

Michael: “Yes. No, no, no. That’s Mike and I’m Eric. There we are.”

Eric: “Oh, am I John?”

Michael: “Bit of John, we’ve all got a bit of John in us…ooh!

*both laughs*

Michael: “We’re not gonna trade secrets! Oh dear…”

Eric: “I actually went on the Tonight Show to announce that I wasn’t Mike. And I wore a t-shirt of you that said ‘This is Mike and I’m me.’ and still… *points to his t-shirt* Now this is actually one of your characters. This is Mr. Gumby, which was invented by Mike. This is the sequel t-shirt to the ‘My brain hurts’ t-shirt. This is the sequel: ‘My friend’s brain hurts’.”

Michael in his Gumby voice: “My friend’s brain hurts!!”

Eric: *laughs* “Why they find that funny, it beats me!”

I’m sent film scripts that are frankly not that great, I’ve done some great films in my time, like A Fish Called Wanda, so I’m a bit fussy. Or I’m asked to do a lot of cameos in big Hollywood movies, playing a butler, who gets pushed into the pool. That’s not interesting.
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I think the other Pythons probably could make better travel documentaries than me, but they’re all very busy.

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Oh Michael…

He was also famously unpunctual. At Gray’s memorial service Michael Palin told how he would drive to Graham’s house every morning to pick Graham up to give him a lift to rehearsal, because Gray didn’t drive in those days, you see. And Michael would arrive and walk up the garden path and press the front doorbell and wait…and wait and press the bell again and wait. And eventually the bedroom window two stores up would open up and the head of a young Chinese boy would look out and disappear. And a head of a young Indian boy would look out then the head of a young Malaysian boy would look out and eventually Gray would look out and say ‘Oh, I’m sorry, Mike. Overslept. Down in a moment.’ And Michael would go back down the path and get into the car and do the Times crossword for 35 minutes and then Graham would appear and get into the car, always without a word of apology and off they would go to rehearsal. And when Michael was speaking at Gray’s memorial service he said ‘Although Graham died three months ago I like to feel that he is here with us now. At this very moment. Or least he will be in about 35 minutes.’ What a good joke.
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I just discovered X Factor Australia and he is H-O-T!


Ronan, Rob & Steo omg